Curious about QuickPress

What is this? I’m looking for something that will create an RSS feed. This is a window on the dashboard…


More checking

OK, so you can choose from a set of templates. The functionality just isn’t as drop-dead apparent as it is in Blogger. This is a pretty good tool, but it isn’t as perfectly intuitive as Blogger is. Even getting into it is a nuisance compared to some of the other tools out there, since the login page isn’t linked from their home page or yours in any obvious way and they don’t initially let you choose your own password.

Some other possibilities

Ok, there is a picture upload – it’s just not very clearly marked or well placed. I’ve uploaded a picture, but I have no idea where it will appear in the blog or how I can access it.

We would choose this tool over blogger only if we were opposed to using a commercial product, even if the commercial tool is free and doesn’t look particularly commercial. Are we?

First Impression

OK, the editing interface looks very similar to Blogger, but without the choice of templates.

Wait — but pictures have to be linked to another url — you can’t upload them. There’s a link button, but it’s grayed out.

I can pop up an html window and edit there if I know html.

There’s a preview at the bottom of the page, but it’s easier to miss than the preview button on Blogger.

I wanted that picture next to my text, not under it, and I wanted it without writing html. This worked on the first try in Blogger.

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